4 Summer Date Night Ideas

Summer lovin had me a blast and I definitely do not want it to be over fast! Here are 3 summer date night ideas that you have to try! 

1. Dinner & A Movie, L.A. Style: 


I recently went to E.P. & L.P. on Melrose and La Cienega and I had the best experience! One of my besties, Pia Shah and I took the most instagrammable photos and had the best waffle fries! This restaurant has dinner and a movie deal on their cozy, L.A. roof top bar! 

2. Free Concerts!


L.A. hosts a ton of free concerts and if you didn’t know about it, don’t miss out! Go on Facebook or Google and type “Free concerts” and it will take you to all the events near you that hosts free music! Even if you don’t know the band, take a look at their music throughout youtube or spotify! If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, I would recommend looking into the Hollywood Bowl! I also use the app Surkus to help me find events! Use this code when you sign up “ZT3U7”! 

3. Hiking! 


Hiking in L.A. is one of the easiest things to do! It’s completely free and a great workout that will create an appetite for a cute post workout lunch! I go to Runyon Canyon a lot and trails in Malibu! Grab your picnic basket, fill it up with water, snacks, fruit and take it up to a view and trust me, you’ll have a great time! Happy Hiking!

4. Catch a wave!

San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

this idea will take more prep and a little bit more money but I LOVE paddle boarding! It’s a great activity to get to know someone else and spend some time cooling off in the water! Take a look at this website to help you plan your next beach date! 


No matter who you’re going with, I hope these ideas help you plan your next date! If you found it helpful, please share it with your friends!  

Thank you,