3 Cozy Outfits to Style Jeans and a Long Sleeve!

The easiest ways to style jeans and a long sleeve T is all about the outerwear and accessories! Here are 3 different ideas to dress up this basic and foundational base outfit.

The Teddy Jacket

With an all black canvas, throw on an oversized teddy bear jacket to look cozy and chic!

Top: Carhartt

Jacket: Shein

Jeans: Zara

The Oversized Cardigan

When you go oversized with the cardigan and scarf, you have to show some skin with a leopard printed heel like this one!

Cardigan: Similar

Scarf: Zara Similar



From Amazon


The Fur Vest

A vest is the best! *see what I did there haha*

When styling a vest, it’s important to pair it with something tighter and preferably long sleeve because the vest would be sleeveless. I always style mine up with a turtleneck or boatneck sweater! Cinch your waist with a belt bag or statement belt!

Vest: H&M Similar

Jeans: Levis 501

Long Sleeve: Victoria’s Secret PINK