Last Minute Affordable Gift Ideas Every Kind of Friend

I know what you’re thinking, “another holiday gift guide huh?…. thank u, next.”

The thing is, when people say the word “affordable” to me, I am such a skeptic because what’s affordable to you, could be my college tuition! This post is all about gifts that are $40 and under! To me, I would give my siblings a gift that was $40 and under or my friends. The price shouldn’t matter when it comes to gifting because many people forget the heart of giving but if you’re on a tighter budget this year, scroll through this list and leave me a comment of your favorites!

For the makeup guru

  1. The Juno&Co Velvet Sponge is the newest, up & coming makeup tool at the moment! Be on the lookout for any deals or sets on their Instagram! I will be comparing the Beauty Blender & Juno&Co Velvet Sponge on my channel! Click here to watch!


For the Netflix and chill one

2. I just bought 3 of these Crate and Barrel Camille 23 Oz. Long Stem Wine Glass that Olivia Pope uses in Scandal! They are only $12.95!! If you love shopping on Amazon, I found a similar one here for $19.99!!


For the cold one

Here are 3 ideas that will definitely keep you warm if you are working in an office as cold as Narnia or you’re trying to save money and turning the heater off!


For the Boujee on a budget one

One of my favorite YouTubers, Toni Sevdalis designs the most incredible jewelry and has a whole Boujee on a Budget series on her channel! She’s the queen of finding pieces that are on trend but don’t break the bank! Check her out here! Her jewelry line is called C&C Luxury! I have purchased 2 pieces and love both of them so much because the quality is there but it isn’t $1000000!


For the Minimalist

When I think of minimal aesthetic, I instantly think of Muji. Muji has my favorite pens in the entire world! The great thing about Amazon is that even if you do not have Muji near you, you most likely can find it on Amazon! Muji Gel Pen in 0.38 in Black

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope this has helped anyone stuck about what to get! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!