KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian West. I have been saying your name over a hundred times in the last couple of days. My newest videos are KKWxMario Palette Makeup Look and a Story Time of the KKW Beauty Pop Up Shop in Westfield Century City, LA. 

Please watch both videos as I review and try the product and share my experience with you all. But if you don't have time and you need to know my final thoughts, here they are...

Kim Kardashian West is a goddess and an icon of our time. To create a line of makeup, knowing that fans will purchase it and not return it (because of their no return policy) is quite bold. I respect who she is and what she does with her brand. However, let's talk makeup. Here's a list of the products I purchased with a rate out of 10 next to it. 


1. KKWxMario Palette-7/10

The palette is the best purchase of all the items below. It is pigmented and has a dynamic shade range. However I dropped it the other day and most of the shadows fell out. Thank God the shadows didn't shatter and they are magnetic so I just popped them back in but it was a slight disappointment. 

2. KKW Creme Highlight & Contour Kit-8/10

The highlight and contour kit is very user friendly and I can see myself reaching for this product frequently. However, this is not one that I will be repurchasing over and over again. It does not replace my favorite Tarte Shape Tape

3. KKW Nude #4 Lipstick-4/10

You've heard me go on and on about this lipstick but I just can not handle the smell and low quality of this product. There is a lot of color pay off however, the formula is trash next to my M.A.C. or other lip products. Sorry Kim.

4. KKW Nude #2 Lipliner-5/10

The lip liner is decent. The color was much darker than I had expected when I put it on. It's not a bad liner however it will never beat my NYX Lip Liner in Natural

5. KKW Brush 1-9/10

I really loved this product however it is not sold on the website. I bought it because it seemed like the product I would use the most of all of these products. 


Thanks for reading,